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Laboratorio Zanardelli è rivenditore autorizzato Golf Pride. In questa pagina potrai conoscere le caratteristiche di ogni modello e acquistarli comodamente online. Se desideri, scrivici all’indirizzo per richiedere una consulenza gratuita sul modello e sul diametro più adatto alle tue esigenze. Se necessario, ritireremo i tuoi bastoni a domicilio per montarti i nuovi grip scelti.

All Rubber

Tour Velvet

The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive, state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound, non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence. The Tour Velvet® is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their grip designs.

JuniorBlack45 gr50 Ribbed3.90 euro
UndersizeBlack47.5 gr58 Ribbed7.90 euro
UndersizeBlack50 gr56 Ribbed7.90 euro
StandardBlack45 gr62 Round7.90 euro
StandardBlack49.5 gr60 Round7.90 euro
StandardBlack51.5 gr58 Round7.90 euro
StandardBlack49.5 gr60 Ribbed7.90 euro
StandardBlack51.5 gr58 Ribbed7.90 euro
MidsizeBlack53.5 gr60 Round8.90 euro
JumboBlack61 gr60 Round9.90 euro

Tour Velvet 360

The Tour Velvet® 360 is designed for adjustable drivers, fairway woods, and hybrid clubs. It features the popular look and feel of the Tour Velvet non-slip surface pattern in a 360 degree design. This grip features double-dash rings on both ends that allow for a consistent appearance regardless of shaft orientation or adjustments.

StandardBlack50 gr60 Round7.90 euro

Tour Velvet Super Tack

Tour Velvet Super Tack features an advanced new material formulation that delivers significant tack. The enhanced texture increases surface coverage by +33% for added traction while the distinct diamond pattern in the top section of the grip allows for added stability and reduced torque.

StandardBlack49.5 gr60 Round10.90 euro
MidsizeBlack57 gr60 Round12.90 euro

Tour 25

The Tour 25® is the lightest rubber swing grip from Golf Pride®. At only 25 grams, this lightweight model is the perfect replacement grip for drivers and fairway woods that use a light grip as a component. Installed on a standard weighted club, it increases swing weight 4-5 points. Distinctive white rings painted around the logo give the Tour 25 a contemporary design.

StandardBlack25 gr60 Round18.90 euro

Tour Wrap 2G

The Tour Wrap® 2G® features enhanced tackiness and a soft material for a great feel. This one-piece, simulated wrap grip combines the look and feel of luxury leather with the durability and performance of high-tack rubber.

UndersizeBlack43 gr58 Round7.90 euro
StandardWhite55 gr60 Round7.90 euro
StandardBlack50 gr58 Round7.90 euro
StandardBlack, Red, Blue48 gr60 Round7.90 euro
MidsizeWhite65 gr60 Round8.90 euro
MidsizeBlack58 gr60 Round8.90 euro
JumboBlack73 gr60 Round9.90 euro


The VDR® revolutionizes grip feel and performance with new triple-texture technology. Featuring three depths of surface grip texture, the VDR is specifically designed for heightened traction and excellent all-weather performance. The precision-cut, variable depth texture, combined with a shock-reducing rubber compound provides wrist protection from off-center strikes.

UndersizeBlack45 gr58 Round11.90 euro
StandardBlack50 gr60 Round11.90 euro
MidsizeBlack57 gr60 Round12.90 euro

CP2 Wrap & CP2 Pro

Combining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative CP2 Wrap® and CP2 Pro® delivers comfort and control for superior performance. Featuring Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core® technology, a 2.5” inner core stabilizer is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A reduced taper design allows for even grip pressure in each hand, and a soft, high-traction surface provides comfort in every swing. With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand.

UndersizeCP2 Wrap, CP2 Pro45 gr58 Round11.90 euro
StandardCP2 Wrap, CP2 Pro50 gr60 Round11.90 euro
MidsizeCP2 Wrap, CP2 Pro63.5 gr60 Round12.90 euro
JumboCP2 Wrap, CP2 Pro80 gr60 Round13.90 euro

Z-Grip Patriot

The Z-Grip® Patriot® from Golf Pride® is designed with a uniquely textured surface pattern that includes strategically placed pebbled bands. These bands, along with a supple tri-colored rubber construction, provide exceptional traction for added playability. The Patriot is designed for players of all skill levels and has the durability you expect from Golf Pride. A percentage of every Patriot grip purchase is donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation.

StandardBlue50 gr60 Round13.90 euro

Cord (Tutta Corda)

Tour Velvet Cord

The most widely used cord grip on Tour, the Tour Velvet® Cord, comes standard with Brushed Cotton Cord Technology, a tight-weave cotton twill fiber that creates a comfortable cord grip. The Tour Velvet Cord features all of the great traction and all-weather performance that made the Tour Velvet the winningest cord grip on Tour.

StandardBlack50.5 gr60 Round15.90 euro
StandardBlack52.5 gr58 Round15.90 euro
StandardBlack50.5 gr60 Ribbed15.90 euro
StandardBlack52.5 gr58 Ribbed15.90 euro

Z-Grip Cord

The Z-Grip® Cord is the firmest cord grip available from Golf Pride®. Combining two layers of texturing for feedback and control, the Z-Grip features a deep “Z”-shaped texture pattern that winds vertically around the grip for control, while a heavy cord texture throughout provides moisture management. This design pattern is enhanced with a white end cap and distinctive white body paint fill. Now available in Midsize.

StandardBlack50.5 gr60 Round17.90 euro
MidsizeBlack57.5 gr60 Round18.90 euro

Hybrid (Mezza Corda)


The MCC (New Decade® MultiCompound) is an innovative hybrid grip that fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord. The MCC boasts the Golf Pride® exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a performance rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness.

StandardRed, Black, White, Blue, Yellow46.6 gr60 Round14.90 euro
MidsizeRed, Black, White, Blue59 gr60 Round15.90 euro

MCC Plus 4

The MCC Plus4 is a tour-proven, hybrid golf grip featuring a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. The MCC Plus4 simulates 4 additional wraps of tape on the lower hand to encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power.

UndersizeGrey47 gr58 Round14.90 euro
StandardGreen, Orange, Grey, Red, Blue52 gr60 Round14.90 euro
MidsizeGrey, Blue66 gr60 Round15.90 euro

MCC Align

The innovative hybrid grip combining rubber and cord for all-weather performance is now available with ALIGN Technology for consistent hand placement every time.

StandardWhite51 gr60 Align16.90 euro
MidsizeWhite62 gr60 Align17.90 euro

MCC Plus 4 Align

Tour-inspired larger lower hand design simulates the feel of 4 extra layers of tape for lighter grip pressure and more power. ALIGN Technology now available in this hybrid grip is the first with a raised ridge, assisting hand alignment to square the clubface and improve your swing consistency.

StandardGrey53 gr60 Align16.90 euro
MidsizeGrey67 gr60 Align17.90 euro

Putter Grips

Tour SNSR Straight

Golf Pride’s new oversized putter grip series, TOUR SNSR™, features larger Tour-proven shapes that are engineered with innovative SNSR material that delivers unsurpassed Tour-level feel and feedback. Our new putter grips are made of a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips extraordinary feel, and encourages lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth stroke when putting. The new SNSR compound also enhances Tour-level feedback into the hands to improve player distance control.

TOUR SNSR Straight putter grip offers a contemporary, non-taper shape promoting a consistent hand pressure and feel. The straight taper design features soft, rounded edges that are strategically beveled for palm and finger pad comfort.

104 ccBlue/Black90 gr58 Round36 euro
140 ccBlue/Black124 gr58 Round36 euro

Tour SNSR Contour

Golf Pride’s new oversized putter series, TOUR SNSR, features larger Tour-proven shapes that are engineered with innovative SNSR material that delivers unsurpassed Tour-level feel and feedback. The new grips are made of a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips extraordinary feel, and encourages lighter grip pressure that golfers seek in creating a smooth stroke. The new SNSR compound also enhances Tour-level feedback into the hands to improve player distance control.

TOUR SNSR Contour is an evolution of the classic tapered pistol profile that is the shape preference of over 75% of Tour players. The pistol allows golfers to “lock in” their upper hand for consistent hand placement that translates to more confidence in every stroke.

104 ccRed/Black90 gr58 Round36 euro
140 ccRed/Black124 gr58 Round36 euro

Players Wrap

The Players Wrap® putter grip combines style and touch with its smart look and innovative design. The arched-pistol shape pairs a smooth paddle front and a half wrap back in a simulated leather wrap, providing added comfort and touch on the greens.

SizeColorWeightCore SizePrezzo
StandardBlack68 gr58 Round13.90 euro

Tour Tradition

The Tour Tradition® putter grip features a smaller, paddle front design preferred by Tour professionals. Its standard size and all-rubber construction provides increased feel and responsiveness for truer putts.

StandardBlack58 gr58 Round11.90 euro

Tour Classic

The Tour Classic® midsize design features a large diameter, filling the hands comfortably while the flat paddle front promotes a controlled, confident stroke.

MidsizeBlack84 gr58 Round12.90 euro